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Our Customer Stories

NOOK Design Projects

David and Maria – Tynemouth: Library Study

Categories: Libraries, Studies|

Book lovers David and Maria wanted a welcoming and dedicated space to house their collection of 600 books. While their original room was a good size, they brought the NOOK team in to harness its potential and create a bespoke library and study space. The customers’ Tynemouth property is a ...

Catherine – Swarland: Media Wall

Categories: Media Walls|

In an open-plan kitchen and living area, it’s essential to make use of every inch of space. Our customer in Swarland wanted NOOK to provide her new-build property with stylish storage solutions that divided the space without reducing its size. We knew that the kitchen was the heart of Catherine’s ...

Charlotte – Whickham: Hallway

Categories: Hallways|

Charlotte’s bungalow in Whickham, County Durham, was lacking suitable storage. The large open space was a blank canvas, so she asked the NOOK team to design and build fitted furniture that would create a homely, characterful atmosphere. As our client had lots of books and curiosities to display, we devised ...

Nicola – Ashington: Bootroom

Categories: Bootrooms|

Our client, Nicola, wanted to create a practical yet aesthetic utility space in her large family home. The detached property in Ashington is full of character, so it was important for the project to complement its original features and sense of charm. This lovely home featured a detached garage ...

Hannah – Gosforth: Cloakroom

Categories: Cloakrooms|

As many growing families will attest to, having a second toilet or cloakroom is indispensable. Our Gosforth client, Hannah, commissioned the NOOK team to transform an unused coal cellar in her impressive semi-detached home into a family-friendly cloakroom. While the project didn’t need planning permission, it did require a toilet, ...

Ed and Sandra – Ponteland: Staircase

Categories: Staircases|

After relocating back to the UK from Canada, our customers, whose work meant that they had spent a lot of time traveling the world, commissioned NOOK to design and build a bespoke oak and glass staircase with storage underneath. The existing staircase and lobby in this Ponteland home featured ...


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