Recognising that climate change poses a threat to the economy, nature and society-at-large, NOOK is committed to take as many steps as possible, as quickly as possible, to reduce the impact of the business upon the environment.

Adopting new practices and methods to work more sustainably – from the sourcing of raw materials, to production, paint methods, heat recycling, packaging and the disposal of by-products.

Steps already taken:

– NOOK insist that all timbers are purchased from recognised forestry companies who exceed all necessary planting requirements and in accordance with the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council A.C.

– NOOK has completely changed the furniture painting process, stopped using chemical based paints and changing entirely to water based primers, top coats and lacquers.

– NOOK has installed solar panels on the roof of it’s paint shop and warehouse along with LED lighting and automated lights with sensors.

– NOOK limits unnecessary packaging and has procedures in place to ensure all suitable packaging materials are re-cycled.

– NOOK actively encourages and helps clients up-cycle existing furniture.

– NOOK helps and encourages office staff to work remotely.

Steps in the process of being taken:

– NOOK is currently undertaking the process of ISO 14001 environmental accreditation.

– NOOK is currently investigating increasing donations of waste timber and furniture board to local community woodworking associations.

– NOOK is working hard to create a paperless office environment and changing to recycled paper products where needed.

Steps for the future:

– NOOK is committed to changing all company vehicles to electric as soon as possible.

– NOOK is determined to fully heat the workshops using waste materials that cannot be recycled and would normally end in landfill as soon as possible.

– NOOK aims to achieve net zero emissions as soon as possible.